General Questions:


How much does it cost to advertise?

The price list can be found HERE

How do i purchase a 1 year or two years package?

Please email us at contact@albertahalalpages.ca and specify which package you're interested in (1 Year or Two Years)

How can i purchase a package online?

We do accept paypal transfers. Please email us at contact@albertahalalpages.ca to do so. Receipt of payment will be sent to you once complete.

I'm not comfortable paying online

No problem, once a package is purchased you will be invoiced manually and a cheque can be mailed or picked up.

Can i cancel anytime and get a refund?

Unfortunately not. The credit for the remaining period can be applied for another ad but we will not accept refunds once your AD is initiated.

Will you post all my images, logos and information?

Yes, you forward all your information and required logos and images and we can post it for you under the respective category (s)

Can you design something for me?

Yes, design is included with all paid packages.

Can i update my online ad anytime?

Yes, you can update your online ad monthly by sending us the changes required to contact@albertahalalpages.ca

I want some photos to be taken for my AD

No problem, we can come on location and photograph the required pictures for your AD (Calgary Only)

How do i get a video produced for my business?

A video is an individual purchase. Prices vary depending on the extent of your project. Videos start at $250 and up. We can post your video under your advertisement if you wish. To get a video quote, please contact us at contact@albertahalalpages.ca

Can anyone advertise on this site?

Absolutely, providing that their ad and/or service is Halal meaning that it's permissible in Islam. Some prohibited items in Islam include pork products, alcohol, mortgages and life insurance. If you are not sure about a certain product or service then please email us at contact@albertahalalpages.ca

I have a certain product or service that isn't categorized?

No problem, we can make a new category for you

My question is not answered here

Please email us at: contact@albertahalalpages.ca or use the Contact Form to reach us.